The Battle of Ancrum Moor (1545) was part of Henry VIII's campaign known as the Rough Wooing. The objective was to force the Scots to accept a marriage between Henry's son Edward and the infant Mary, Queen of Scots. The English were defeated in the battle and suffered heavy losses.


Fascinated by the existence of two Queens ruling at the same time on a single island, within an extremely male dominated society in the 16th century, composer and artist Olivia Louvel explores the reign of Mary Queen of Scots Vs Elizabeth I and delivers her own singular digital transposition: Data Regina. Drawn to the life and writings of Mary Queen of Scots, a poet and essayist herself and one of the most read woman of her time, Olivia Louvel assembles a digital narrative through 17 compositions, capturing different palettes, tones, playing with identity within the 'duality-duel' relationship of the two women, two queens and cousins, who were never to meet. 'Data Regina' is a body of work which gathers electronic songs 'The Antechamber’, along with a series of instrumentals, 'The Battles’, a sonic landscape inspired by the 16th century battles on the Anglo-Scottish border.

Available as a digipak CD publication through Cat Werk Imprint


Olivia Louvel III composition, production, mix, conception
Fiona Brice III violin
Paul Kendall III mix consulting and additional voice polishing
AGF III audio mastering

Antoine Kendall III 3D animation
Jesse Holborn III website graphic design and cd artwork
Hiroshi Suzuki III web development

Press Dense Promotion, Ed Benndorf

Label Cat Werk Imprint


Arts Council of England, Grant for the Arts, 2016.
All rights reserved


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President of the North American Organisation of Scottish Historians
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National Library Of Scotland "1558 - The Monstrous Regiment of Women"

Historic Environment Scotland is the new lead public body for the country's historic environment. It brings together Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland. "Pinkie 1545, Ancrum Moor 1547, Langside 1568"